Textures, how they can change the mood..

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Textures are fun to use. In just a a magical way they change the whole feeling in an image. Most often, the image becomes softer and more romantic. I often have a texture on my photos, especially when I want to give a still life extra surface.

Below you can see the two textures I have used for my photo with the roses. I call them Bricks and Wall and both are photographed against house walls in a wonderfully warm summer Denmark some years ago.

Yes it is true, the surfaces of bricks, walls, wood and so on are great to create your own textures with. Not so difficult to create and fun to have your very own. Spend a day to search for them and then try them out on your photographs. I promise you will find them everywhere, just you start look for them.

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Below you see the original image. A matter of taste, but I find that the top image is more appealing. However, it is of course how and in what context it will be used, what a feeling you want to give.

Anyway, this is a fun area to explore  :)



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A day with floral photographing. As it rains so much and is so cold here in Sweden this summer, it was not easy to arrange still life between rain showers. But when the light well arrived it was magical, on the other hand. So maybe worth waiting for. You can always take a coffee in the meantime..  ‘smiles’
In the future it may be some photos from the photoshoot in the blog.

WordPress or Blogger

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I have all these years been blogging on Blogger and it was there I first started blogging too. What has now happened is that I have switched to WordPress and blogging under my own name Linneas Atelje Photography. Actually, I have for many years intended to switch to WordPress but for different reasons it was now it happened.

There are many advantages as I see it to change, perhaps most of all, the image quality of my uploaded images in the blog. It is also one of the reasons that I leave the content in my old blog and start from scratch here.

But I still have two blogs hosted by Blogger and so it will be. One is VintageMadeForYou the very first blog I did in 2009 with free backgrounds for mainly Blogger. The other one is a brand new one Linneas Studio, and perhaps just for my own pleasure, but I hope that someone wants to look in there too. My art blog, with a little bit of everything, in which I draw when there is time and inspiration.

Vintage door

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Some items I like to photograph again and again. Architecture is one of them and especially beautiful fine details from the past. Where the craftsmanship is beautiful and well made.
They can be easy to pass by these beautiful vintage doors, but if you look carefully into the backyards and alleys, they are where you least expect it.


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A Foxglove photographed in the light from a window.
The only thing I have done to the image is a editing in Lightroom and added a soft Preset.
Maybe did the effect of the Preset that a little bit of sharpness was lost?

Anyway these flowers are so beautiful, aren’t they?
They grow all around here in Sweden now, especially in old gardens.

New start of something old

I have decided to move my blog and create my portfolio on a brand new web site and also leave my old blog behind me and start from scratch here in this forum. It was not a entirely easy decision then maybe I will lose some followers, but my hope is that you stays with me and that many new also come to. Those of you who are new can read my story in the blog top under the tab About.

Hope you can stand my ”best I can” English..  but I think you might better understand it than my Swedish..  ;) and that you want to hang with me here in my new blog site.