Black and White -all rights reserved -blommor svart vitt -1a-0176
I have for many years photographed in just black and white, it has its charm. I think the subject and all the details are visible in a totally different way. The color can be charming and eye-catching, but black and white are restful. What do you think?

Hello October -all rights reserved -promenad -1a -100px -0181
Here in Sweden the fall has so far been great and after summer hot, and now we say hello October and welcomes you and hope you will be as lovely as September.

Still it can be nice to cozy up into the sofa corner with some pleasant reading.
Here are some of my own favorites:

Ingrid Weir  Design & photography projects (extra plus for a beautiful website).
Drömma Beautiful photos.
Dromelot Photographs in square size portfolio.

A sociable cat -all rights reserved -katt -1a -1000px -9634
When I passed this little cutie he sat and watched a flock of birds on water in front of him. So cute and just a few months old.
He let himself be photographed in many different angles and I caught him in his play.
After that we were best friends and he walked with me a little bit until we met some dogs. Then he got other things to think about.

H&M and more – new fall make up -all rights reserved -make up stilleben -1a-9599

Now when the fall is on its way, it’s always fun to see whats new in makeup. H&M has chosen to update their makeup serie in many new glorious shades. It’s also said that they have reviewed the content of their products, and that’s a good one!
In the image are two eye shadows from H&M Stayin’ olive (green) and Supernova (wonderfully glitzy).
Lipstick from Babylips in a new soft natural color (and I love the taste). -all rights reserved -make up stilleben -1b-9603

Nail polish from Gina Tricot Expresso no. 95 so neat to still brown hands and another one from Claudia Lilac glamour no.181 I really like their nail polishes, they are available in so many lovely colors to choose from. -all rights reserved -make up stilleben -1b-9598 -all rights reserved -make up stilleben -1b-9606

This eau de parfum from H&M is a great favorite and totally fantastic even though its inexpensive price. La Rive Vanilla touch. -all rights reserved -make up stilleben -1b-9600 -all rights reserved -make up stilleben -1b-9602 -all rights reserved -make up stilleben -1b-9608

This fall must have brush number one is this little (without handle). It makes the hair flat and smooth. Try it if you have not already done so
and so an old classic the wide toothed comb.