Old vintage interior still life

www.linneasateljephotography.se -all rights reserved -1c Stilleben med klocka-9639
Still life with an old watch. Look at the flea market and find nice little interior details. If the clock does not work, it doesn’t matter. Nicely anyhow. If the watch is in very poor condition, remove the clock face and use it for something. Perhaps as a part of a necklace in steam punk style.

Light at Night

www.linneasateljephotography.se -all rights reserved -1b -light at night
Interior Detail that shines nicely in the darkness. Soon we long for Advent, the first snow and all cosiness before and around Christmas. Now is the time to gather inspiration for this year’s Christmas decorations. I usually search on Instagram, Pinterest and various blogs. How do you find inspiration?

Detail, in bluest blue and blog design

www.linneasateljephotography.se -all rights reserved -1a Secret garden-0171
A detail of an otherwise ordinary gate becomes something quite unusual. Add to that the intense blue color.

Today is a new background available for all those who want to change the look of your blog. You can find it here ”Shabby Chic Vintage roses”. Here VintageMadeForYou you will find more free blog design to all of you. Everything done by me. Enjoy and use.

vintagemadeforyou.blogspot.se -all rights reserved - for your personal use only -background -shabby chic vintage roses -1a

It’s not so easy to stand out anymore with a blog, as it was for a couple of years ago. There are so many great blogs out there, the competition is hard about visitors.
But some things can you do to reach out:
-Having a clean and easy to read blog.
-Only having relevant information in your sidebars.
-Using easy-read fonts.
-Even a good blog design, which matches with your blog content can lift your blog.

I have worked with blog design in various ways since 2009 so I have gathered several years of knowledge in the subject, it is quite exciting to see how the development has been, that more and more are investing quite proffesionelt in blogging, and that it also have become more importantly than ever how we are seen online.

A beautiful blog is always a good start, anyway, whatever you want to do with it ..

Hope you having a wonderful weekend evening ♡