All those beautiful old things…. -all rights reserved -loppis -1a -1000px
Old furnitures and things, I love to see them and feel them. They are so important to preserve, a cultural treasure in itself. Take care of them and they live through generations. Sometimes I think if they could speak, as the sofa here, it could tell a lot, for sure. How much gossip it may have been told there in the sofa corner. Perhaps it has been in a castle before it ended up on the flea market ….

Copenhagen – Eatery – Black bicycle -all rights reserved -1b -1000px -Köpenhamn Nyhavn-0148

It may seem quiet and empty of people in these photos, but the truth is that it were so many people around. This is just one of many places along the street where you could eat or drink somehing. I was just lucky to get a moment completely for myself with the bicycle and the menu with the beautiful font. The menu was the reason why I took this photo and I do not mean for the drinks ‘sake.. but for the beautiful text on the chalkboard, so graphically beautiful..

By the way, isn’t it very many black bicycles in Denmark?
Or is it just me.. (smiling)  ;) -all rights reserved -1b -1000px -Köpenhamn Nyhavn-0147

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Drop by and see so many beautiful black and white photos taken by talented photographers!!

It’s all about windows -all rights reserved -1b -Köpenhamn-0153

I enjoy to find details and photograph them. Have you thought about how beautiful a window can be? Especially old windows can be very beautifully ornamented.
I heard a program on the radio where they talked about building preservation. A subject close to my heart. Think how many beautiful old houses that are renovated, without anyone really thought through what can be preserved. Old crafts made of wood that has maintained for generations. I am not saying that everything old should be retained, I like new and fresh too. I just think that the beautiful original details might can be preserved if it is possible. -all rights reserved -1b -Köpenhamn-0145

Beautiful color combination. -all rights reserved -1b -Köpenhamn-0137

Blue and white combination, always a winner?  :) -all rights reserved -1b -Köpenhamn-0136

Beautiful font of the hotel logo.. is it just me who are tempted to eat chocolate now?   ‘smiling’  ;)

All photos from Copenhagen.

Beautiful Nyhavn Copenhagen -all rights reserved -1c -1000px -Nyhavn Köpenhamn-0139

Here are some photos from Nyhavn. You can get there by walking all the way down the Ströget in Copenhagen. Just the day I was there the sun was shining and the heat shimmered over the streets. There were lots of people sitting on the outdoor terraces and around the harbor. -all rights reserved -1b -1000px -Nyhavn Köpenhamn-0146

It has become so beautiful there now. I remember how the area looked like before it became as beautiful as this. But the houses themselves have always been beautiful in their colorful colors. It may seem wrong to remove the colors and make it black and white, but by doing it I suddenly saw so many more details on the buildings..  but of course.. I have two in color to show you too ;) -all rights reserved -1b -1000px -Nyhavn Köpenhamn-0143 -all rights reserved -1b -1000px -Nyhavn Köpenhamn-0142 -all rights reserved -1b -1000px -Nyhavn Köpenhamn-0141

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Copenhagen Fashion Week Festival -all rights reserved -1a -Fashion week Köpenhamn-0230
It has been a bit quiet with posts in this blog recently it’s because I’ve been on round trip   ‘smiles’
and I have received so much great impressions.. and of course photos..
I will show you if you want to check back again.  ;)

Last week there was Copenhagen that charmed me with its culture, shopping, old and new. A great city!
5 to 9 August they organized the fashion week, an adventure which you can read more about here:

Blurred flower in backlight -all rights reserved -1b -Backlight 2
Blurred flower in backlight.
The wind blew so softly and quietly over the beach from the sea.
Small sweet flowers swayed so peacefully as the sun was getting ready to go down in the west.
When the light changes from day to night the shadows turned into the softest golden orange.
The magical light so wonderful to capture in photographs.

Textures, how they can change the mood.. -all rights reserved -textures -1

Textures are fun to use. In just a a magical way they change the whole feeling in an image. Most often, the image becomes softer and more romantic. I often have a texture on my photos, especially when I want to give a still life extra surface.

Below you can see the two textures I have used for my photo with the roses. I call them Bricks and Wall and both are photographed against house walls in a wonderfully warm summer Denmark some years ago.

Yes it is true, the surfaces of bricks, walls, wood and so on are great to create your own textures with. Not so difficult to create and fun to have your very own. Spend a day to search for them and then try them out on your photographs. I promise you will find them everywhere, just you start look for them. -all rights reserved -1c -1000px -Ros med textur -0131

Below you see the original image. A matter of taste, but I find that the top image is more appealing. However, it is of course how and in what context it will be used, what a feeling you want to give.

Anyway, this is a fun area to explore  :)


Photoshoot -all rights reserved -1 -1000px -fotografering
A day with floral photographing. As it rains so much and is so cold here in Sweden this summer, it was not easy to arrange still life between rain showers. But when the light well arrived it was magical, on the other hand. So maybe worth waiting for. You can always take a coffee in the meantime..  ‘smiles’
In the future it may be some photos from the photoshoot in the blog.