I have always photographed and seen life through a camera lens.

It lies me closest to the heart to photograph still life, close-ups and vintage.
I love to give my photos a touch of a texture or a color tone.
With my photos I like to create a feeling that makes you happy and makes you feel good.

My first camera I got when I was about 14-15 years.
But it was not my first camera, my first camera I had when I was much younger than that,
it was a small simple model, but in all cases a camera …. Oh, what I thought it was great!

So I’ve always had a camera …. what would life be without a camera? ”Smiles”
How I became a photographer? I have no photo education
but a good ”teacher” in my father who is a photographer
so I have always received good advice and encouragement
in a good way …. it’s the best way to learn.

It has always been much photography, pictures, newspapers … and so on in my life.
So that is my life …. But now, my beloved old analog camera
has been exchanged to a modern digital hottie .. ”sigh”
..and with it a whole new way to edit photos
but I must admit I love the possibilities it gives !